Milk is a complete food in itself. A prominent source of nutrition for every human being, from babies to elders, milk and its products are very helpful. Containing saturated fat, Vitamin C, Calcium and protein, milk products are the basic and most essential need of every human being. Milk has been processes into many other dairy products like butter, yoghurt, cream, lassie, ice cream, chach, etc. Cheese being the most durable and portable product out of them is now consumed in a large amount in our country.

Except the fact that India is the largest consumer of cattle’s milk in the world, it is also the largest producer of the same. Health is a major topic while talking about milk products as it can prove to be a tonic for few and at the same time an allergy to some. People with Lactose allergy usually avoid milk products as it causes them health issues like gas, abdominal pain nausea, bloating, etc. Also the amount of cholesterol and fat is quite high in milk products which are generally not healthy if not digested.

Other than the necessary information, India has a religious significance of milk products too. Dairy products taste great and give a different taste to your food accompanying themselves with a pack of nutrients essential for growth.